July 24, 12:26 PM

blahblahmoreblah on "Attorney Darryl Genis Again Accused of Misconduct" Genis is a scumbag, the kind of low life form loonywoony supports. Birds of a feather flock together they say and loons are a bird, so... Read More.

July 24, 12:24 PM

StockiestCastle on "John Palminteri" a true class act, always friendly and genuine. Read More.

July 24, 12:23 PM

blahblahmoreblah on "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Isla Vista?" SBCC is the main provider of IV's problems, yet the least accountable for its student's actions. Any wonder why they ain't at the table? They could care less as long ... Read More.

July 24, 12:12 PM

John_Adams on "Water Politics" Tabatha, why do you think that jarvisjarvis cares about actual facts? Read More.

July 24, 12:09 PM

John_Adams on "Soggy Dollars" Because water conservation is just too difficult. Read More.

July 24, 12:01 PM

loonpt on "Death Penalty Terminated" "After years spent in Washington, I have become more aware than ever of the government’s ineptness and the likelihood of its making mistakes. I no longer trust the U.S. government ... Read More.

July 24, 11:29 AM

jazzifier on "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Isla Vista?" Yes ridiculous is just what i was thinking. Isla Vista is not the problem.... it's the world where all the students, residents and visitors come from. The society we live ... Read More.

July 24, 11:26 AM

JarvisJarvis on "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Isla Vista?" Most news media pointed the finger at UCSB while the recent mass murderer came to Isla Vista and rented student-oriented housing as an SBCC student. Since UCSB is moving more ... Read More.

July 24, 11:26 AM

random_kook on "Jews Against the War" No amount of debate is going to make a bit of difference. Israel tells the US government what to do, not you. Makes for good drama though. Maybe we'll see ... Read More.

July 24, 11:04 AM

garfish on "Mangy Dog or Dog in the Manger?" I thought a truly color blind society was the ultimate goal.But progressives still feel guilty and now want to make it "easier" for blacks(?) and Latinos to get elected.Maybe we ... Read More.

July 24, 10:58 AM

bimboteskie on "Death Penalty Terminated" Guillotine. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Read More.

July 24, 10:58 AM

johnvasi on "La Entrada Hits Snag" John Adams--I am definitely not a Cars Are Basic person, but I don't think it makes much sense at all to impede car traffic at one of the busiest intersections ... Read More.

July 24, 10:56 AM

tabatha on "Economic Terrorists?" Yep, Germany is filled with economic terrorists, too; research their ban on fracking. The proponents of fracking are health and safety terrorists. Read More.

July 24, 10:52 AM

spacey on "Economic Terrorists?" If they can't clean up the seep, what can they clean up? 'big capital for oil projects will taper off to nothing real fast.' Promise? So all these millions and ... Read More.

July 24, 10:50 AM

tabatha on "County Moves Forward with First Big Solar Project" Solyndra was 1 failure of 40 successes employing 60,000 people. Typical right-wing hype - concentrate on the non-representative company. 1. The loan guarantee program supporting Solyndra has been a success ... Read More.

July 24, 10:44 AM

EastBeach on "County Moves Forward with First Big Solar Project" Interesting to see Warren Buffet has been one of First Solar's equity partners on their larger projects (10x larger than Cuyama): Project like these will help utilities met their ... Read More.

July 24, 10:44 AM

DrDan on "Jews Against the War" forgive the levity above, back to the critical topic: At least 730 Palestinians have been killed and more than 4,500 injured in Israeli assault. 7/24/14 Two Israeli civilians killed; approx. ... Read More.

July 24, 10:37 AM

Num1UofAn on "Death Penalty Terminated" It amazes me how many people are "pro-life" until it is time to execute a convict. I think we need to get rid of capital punishment completely, but I agree ... Read More.

July 24, 10:35 AM

DrDan on "Economic Terrorists?" I'm ready to deal with it, your scare tactics re $291 mill mean nothing... vote as you will, I'm voting YES on P!! Read More.

July 24, 10:33 AM

Ken_Volok on "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Isla Vista?" How do you stop a wave upon the sand? Read More.

July 24, 10:33 AM

Rinconer on "Botox Company Closing Goleta Office" Why would anyone choose to inject the most acutely lethal toxin known into their forehead? Read More.

July 24, 10:32 AM

bimboteskie on "La Entrada Hits Snag" Geeze finally the voice of reason from a government agency! yay! Who ever came up with narrowing State street was a moron. Or just outright greedy. I think it is ... Read More.

July 24, 10:08 AM

EastBeach on "Packing the Bowl with Slightly Stoopid " Best Indy headline I've seen in awhile. Read More.

July 24, 9:56 AM

onlytime211 on "Death Penalty Terminated" Why not bring back the Electric Chair or a bullet to the head? These criminals do not deserve to live. Read More.

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