September 14, 5:54 PM

Botany on "Social Responsibility" Good point Jarvis. Their are many on the left that want to turn parental responsibilities over to the government. Our government will be a TRUE nanny state at that point. Read More.

September 14, 5:48 PM

DarrylGenis on "City Settles Excessive Force Cases for $170,000" MJ: Actually, we have three rescue cats (one of which disappeared two weeks ago), three rescue dogs, (one, a Siberian husky which we had to put to sleep a few ... Read More.

September 14, 5:20 PM

nativegeo on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" Facts, something you won't get from a Water Guardian... In fact, all of the fracking done in California in 2013 used only 303 acre-feet of water, about the same amount ... Read More.

September 14, 4:44 PM

scruffy on "Measure P: Who’s Scaring Whom?" nativegeo, are you ready for some fun? Read More.

September 14, 4:39 PM

nativegeo on "Measure P: Who’s Scaring Whom?" EPA Administrator: Invest in Natural Gas Pipelines to Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions This week, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator McCarthy delivered a key message to investors. At a Barclays-hosted conference ... Read More.

September 14, 4:16 PM

nativegeo on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" Of course we don't frac in Santa Barbara...... Some state facts.. Something the Water Guardians won't share... The CA Department of Conservation estimates that about 300 acre feet of water ... Read More.

September 14, 4:14 PM

nativegeo on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" Greka, is an asphalt company. Water Guardians should boycott asphalt. samething... Read More.

September 14, 3:50 PM

spacey on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" So, nobody likes Greka but they still in business? IF I screwed up that bad on any job, I'd be fired, run out of town. We can't have both clean ... Read More.

September 14, 3:35 PM

spacey on "Social Responsibility" I argue that parents and priests have failed too. Not all, but alas, we are only human. NFL, TV, Govt; all guilty of celebrating the trophy and the dollar, but ... Read More.

September 14, 3:29 PM

spacey on "Measure P: Who’s Scaring Whom?" vote no on something you agree with because it's poorly written, huh? snakes. Fantasy is reality, to some. Read More.

September 14, 3:08 PM

nativegeo on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" Dustin, well done. I thought the 6 year old thing was a complement. Thanks again! Read More.

September 14, 2:23 PM

touristunfriendly on "Beneath the Valley of the Dogs" These two always seem to have this love/hate relationship when it comes to the environment.... Rather than beg for air time to whine at the county level, why not ask ... Read More.

September 14, 2:22 PM

JarvisJarvis on "City Settles Excessive Force Cases for $170,000" Don't you wonder what Genis spends his hard-earned blood money on. Do you think he rescues kittens, or goes to Vegas to play the ponies. Read More.

September 14, 1:33 PM

JarvisJarvis on "A Businessman’s Perspective on Measure P" Shocked, I am truly schocked Middle East oil interest would try to interfere with US domestic production. Shocked. And use stealth to achieve their ends. How cynical of them. But ... Read More.

September 14, 1:25 PM

LegendaryYeti on "City Settles Excessive Force Cases for $170,000" No, Darryl, I definitely did not think you worked for free. You're entitled to earn a living just like the rest of us. But touting the $50,000 gross figure and ... Read More.

September 14, 1:24 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" The oil industry doesn't even trust Greka. Use a better example. Read More.

September 14, 1:15 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" Get the facts about the Unocal Avila oil spill that happened in the 1980's and the impacts of the subsequent Prop 65 on all future operations today. Yet again, this ... Read More.

September 14, 12:03 PM

catskinner on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" geeber-You have no proof that anyone looked the other way while the product they get payed for leaked into the ground for 20 years. It doesn't make economic sense. Nor ... Read More.

September 14, 11:53 AM

geeber on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" Hey Skinner, oil producers are the most corrupt group in all of industry. Don't believe it? Look it up. Still waiting for your explanation as to why operators at Guadalupe ... Read More.

September 14, 11:46 AM

catskinner on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" Measure P is not about a "fracking" ban. If it was only "fracking" we would not put up a fight as it is not helpful in the geology underfoot! But ... Read More.

September 14, 11:34 AM

catskinner on "A Businessman’s Perspective on Measure P" Yup, It's true. Jarvis. Google Ed Begley Jr and the Saudi Prince. Prominent Hollywood actors sold out US oil independence for a few bucks. Think about it: Who benefits if ... Read More.

September 14, 11:31 AM

JarvisJarvis on " Embezzler to Repay Firefighter Union" BTW: Mike Jordan, who ran for city council in 2013, continues to weigh in on city matters with a clear grasp of the issues. He has the experience and deeper ... Read More.

September 14, 11:30 AM

tabatha on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" Writing a letter that is all bashing, and no sourced facts, and calling people concerned about water, 6 years olds - could warrant a response that the oil industry is ... Read More.

September 14, 11:22 AM

JarvisJarvis on "Measure P: Who’s Scaring Whom?" Well Tabatha, we need to burn even more fossil fuels until we can eliminate the need for slavery entirely. Drill baby drill. Read More.

September 14, 11:08 AM

catskinner on "Oil and Drinking Water, Too" Excellent letter Dustin, your point was articulate and spot on. Now let's hear from the six year olds. Toxic chemicals- Air pollution- Almond trees dying- Only 330 jobs?- And my ... Read More.

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