September 2, 10:04 AM

blahblahmoreblah on "Loaded Gun Seized from Suicidal UCSB Student" "I don't know what WWIII will be fought with, but I don know that WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones." Read More.

September 2, 9:52 AM

snugspout on "Students for Measure P" You'd think Marxist ninjas secretly caused the giant oil spill from Platform A in 1969, or the numerous hydrogen sulfide gas leaks at Platform Holly, or the even more numerous ... Read More.

September 2, 9:41 AM

EastBeach on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" On the heels of the latest war in Gaza, Israel is making yet another naked land grab in the occupied West Bank. And people wonder why some Palestinians fight back? ... Read More.

September 2, 9:30 AM

JohnnyDiscard on "Sick Days" My company provides paid sick days and paid vacation time (in two separate accounts), which is nice, but we are not allowed to use all of our sick time due ... Read More.

September 2, 9:28 AM

EastBeach on "Stone Pines Distressed by Drought" Great oldtime photos! The trees are so small. And there are no houses on the Riviera! It would be a shame to lose those Stone Pines. I've got great memories ... Read More.

September 2, 9:25 AM

14noscams on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part IV: A Financial Parasite Dean Henderson "In the 1920’s Baron Edmund de Rothschild founded the Palestine Economics Commission, while Kuhn Loeb’s Manhattan offices helped Rothschild ... Read More.

September 2, 9:13 AM

14noscams on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" The same people who funded the UN Global Environment Foundation, the UN bank formed to transfer US assets to UN bureaucrats and NGOs and the EU promoters of NWO global ... Read More.

September 2, 9:01 AM

JarvisJarvis on "City College Needs Measure S" The correct amount of Measure S is the amount taxpayers will have to pay; not the amount SBCC will be allowed to squander on their school construction cronies and insider ... Read More.

September 2, 8:35 AM

salsipuedes on "Obituary for Daniel E. Signor" And, yes, I know the Potter was of a much earlier period in SB history. Read More.

September 2, 8:30 AM

salsipuedes on "Obituary for Daniel E. Signor" I enjoyed EVERYTHING prepared at Mom's! And the ambience was so nice. As time goes by, my hopes are that documentaries capturing certain periods in Santa Barbara, say, the fabulous ... Read More.

September 2, 8:02 AM

14noscams on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Zionists is the appropriate term, not Jews: the cabal referred to as the "International Zionist Criminal Conspiracy" in Loose Change 9/11 videos Israel is a Rothschild state whose flag is ... Read More.

September 2, 7:38 AM

nativegeo on "Students for Measure P" Well I'm off to work today. I got to kill some baby seals and wreck the planet. Tonight is Klan night. I expect Charles and David will show. later gang.. Read More.

September 2, 7:05 AM

DJ_Jazy_Van_Jones on "Students for Measure P" @nativegeo After Water Guardian, Rebecca Claassen, has her carbon tax pushed onto all Californians... addition to the loss of revenues from the extinct O&G industry, and the rapid ... Read More.

September 2, 6:52 AM

Trying2 on "Obituary for Daniel E. Signor" YES... We all remember the "welcoming smile" a lot has been missed since Mom's closed,,, I always LOVED the Eggplant dinner.....Danny was great...... Read More.

September 2, 3:40 AM

dolphinpod14 on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Im sorry hershcle, but the Jews were behind 9/11 and its proved with this one minute video from the show South Park. (Kyle Brovlovsky is Jewish) Read More.

September 2, 3:34 AM

billclausen on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" "The Herschel" to you. Read More.

September 2, 3:25 AM

rachelwellington123 on "Logo Fight" This just goes to show that a misrepresented logo can create huge controversies for a business. The same design stands for war and corrupted power, and lack of research has ... Read More.

September 2, 12:14 AM

atomic_state on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Hark, how the herschel doth banefully roar! Read More.

September 2, 12:04 AM

atomic_state on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Or, one could press American Jewry to deny Congress support until they stop giving away the store for Israel. But so timorous are the herds of humanofauna of this land, ... Read More.

September 1, 11:48 PM

at_large on "Stone Pines Distressed by Drought" Perhaps the abutters on Anapamu can be given a break on their water bills! It would be a tragedy if the city council were too short-sighted to do this. The ... Read More.

September 1, 10:44 PM

nuffalready on "No on P" Johnson123: If you are so worried about water supplies, lets eliminate those idiotic bio renewables, like corn ethanol, biodiesel, etc. You'd part with your green left-leaning brethren if old fashioned ... Read More.

September 1, 10:41 PM

dewdly on "Wake Up, America" Davy, Israel doesn't need to negotiate. There is no pressure from any quarter to do so. They don't want peace; they want power. Read More.

September 1, 10:30 PM

nuffalready on "Measure P Is for Air Pollution" Hershel: Nativegeo has said over and over that the Water Guardians are not 'grassroots' as they claim. Its not nice (and illegal) to advertise yourselves falsely. Naughty Water Guardians. Do ... Read More.

September 1, 10:07 PM

nuffalready on "Students for Measure P" Barry Goldwater said it best: If you arent a leftwing radical in your twenties, you have no heart. If you are still a leftwing radical in your thirties, you have ... Read More.

September 1, 10:03 PM

tabatha on "Students for Measure P" Well, that was a useful thread of shooting the messengers, instead of listening to what the kids have to say. We have messed up the planet, and they are going ... Read More.

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