After-School Activity Guide (Terry Ortega)

ON THE COVER: (from top) Photos by Paul Wellman, courtesy Girls Rock S.B., courtesy iSurf, and by Armando Ramos.


Though the whirlwind crowd at the Star Trek shindig in Las Vegas a couple weeks back meant Sabina Saib (left) and Pilar Montes missed meeting Peter Weller, Kate Mulgrew, or Simon Pegg, they managed to get to the costume contest. In January, at Arts & Lectures' William Shatner show, Montes's costume won her passes to the Trekkie "Summit" in L.A., which proved so inspiring she persuaded Saib to attend Vegas. The crowd loved her "Recyled Borg" (her ocular implant made from a cheese container) and demanded the judges send her straight to the finals, where Vulcan Master Saib soon joined her. Would they do it again? "If Patrick Stewart or Benedict Cumberbatch were guests next year, we would be there, too!"

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The Santa Barbara Independent After-School Activities Guide

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Check out the extensive range of things your kids can do after class. Read story.

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