Surviving Santa Barbara: Stories on What It Takes to Live in Paradise (Edited by Ethan Stewart)

ON THE COVER: Photo by Paul Wellman

Roger Durling

THE QUESTIONED CONVERGE: In July 2013, longtime Indy contributor and film fest head honcho Roger Durling began subjecting Santa Barbara's most interesting people to the Proust questionnaire, and we've been running the insightful, quite personal results on our website every Monday since. Last Thursday, most of "the questioned" converged on the new Santa Barbara Collective wine tasting room in the Funk Zone for a casual get-together, where Durling treated them to this Proust line: "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

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Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

SOhO Standing Strong

Santa Barbara's Beloved Music Venue Celebrates Two Decades of Survival

For Santa Barbara’s beloved music venue, survival is all about community. Read story.

Granada Film Series Celebrates Soundtracks

Remembering the Great Movie Music of Elmer Bernstein

Paul Williams hosts this series, which begins with To Kill a Mockingbird on November 24. Read story.

Restaurant Roy Endures

From Espressway Café to Carrillo Street, Roy Gandy Reflects on His 30-Plus Year Culinary Career

From Espressway Café to Carrillo Street, Roy Gandy reflects on his 30-plus year culinary career in Santa Barbara. Read story.

Surviving Santa Barbara

An In-the-Trenches Look at What It Takes to Make a Life in Paradise

Told by the survivors themselves, the many trials and triumphs of calling Santa Barbara home. Read story.

Run Spot Run: The ABCs of Do-Re-Mi

Can UCSB Chancellor Yang Weather Tuition-Increase Storm? How Does Lori Gaskin Bounce Back from Defeat of City College Bond?

The Other White Meat Read story.

Isla Vista's Blueprint for Change?

Report Details Potential Cures for Town's Many Ills

Report details potential cures for town's many ills. Read story.

Foster the People Really Do Try to Foster the People

Los Angeles Indie Rockers Close Out the S.B. Bowl Season

This weekend marks the official end of concert season for the Santa Barbara Bowl, and they’re going out with a bang Read story.

Independent Education Supplement

21st-Century Schools Do Things Differently

From when the bells ring to where the field trips go and how parents receive report cards, schools are changing to adapt to a new era in education. Read story.

No Surly Curs Need Apply

Pygmy Mammoths, Climate Change, and a Fond Farewell to a Man I Never Met

Pygmy mammoths, climate change, and a fond farewell to a man I never met. Read story.

Doubling Down on Milpas Street

Will New Business District Keep It Real or Accelerate Gentrification?

Will new business district keep it real or accelerate gentrification? Read story.

Boxtales Theatre Company Turns 20

Myth Specialists Return to the Lobero Theatre to Celebrate

For Michael Andrews and Boxtales Theatre Co., 20 years may mean a blink, an eon, or the time it takes to get to the heart of a story. Read story.

Piano Riviera Lounge Bets on Mediterranean and Music

Stephen Goularte and Fabrice Allain Serve Food and Entertainment Across from Courthouse

Stephen Goularte and Fabrice Allain serve food and entertainment across from the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. Read story.

Playback Celebrates Five Years of Studio Time

The Rise of Santa Barbara’s Most Inclusive High-End Music Space

The rise of Santa Barbara’s most inclusive high-end music space. Read story.

Deep End of the Pool

UCSB Water Polo Scores with Hometown Team

S.B. high schools and UCSB are all about water polo, a sport that is rapidly on the rise in popularity. Read story.

Oil Industry Polluting Ventura?

Toxic Metals and Salts Found in Coastal Watersheds

Toxic metals and salts found in coastal watersheds. Read story.

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